Very Superstitious Anthology Blog Tour (Interview with Jennifer Knight and Giveaway)


Very Supersitious is a anthology created for the charity SPCA International. Here’s a link to the tour schedule:

Here is a list of the authors who contributed:

  • Shannon Delany
  • Jackie Morse Kessler
  • Jennifer Knight
  • Stephanie Kuehnert
  • Mari Mancusi
  • Michelle E. Reed
  • Dianne K. Salerni
  • Pab Sungenis

Below is a mini review of Chupacabra by Jennifer Knight, an interview with Jennifer Knight and a giveaway!


Publication date: October 15th 2013

Publisher: Month9Books, LLC

Number of pages: 200

Series: N/A

Source: For review as part of blog tour. This is my honest review.

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Chupacabra (by Jennifer Knight) Review:

This is probably one of the best short stories I have ever read. I can only think of one other short story that I really liked (Once Upon a Tag by Anna Adams) and this one is pretty great. I haven’t read any other stories in the anthology, so I can’t compare it to them but I know that I would still rate Chupacabra as one of the best. From what I can tell these sound like perfect stories the month of October. I would defiitely recommed checking out this anthology because it’s really great and there’s the added bonus that this was done to benefit a charity.


Interview with Jennifer Knight

  1. What inspired you to write Blood on the Moon? 

 I read Twilight and loved it, but was bummed that Jacob didn’t get the girl. I wanted to write a book where the werewolf was the hero.

2. List five things that not many people know about you…

            1. I own my own online business called Divine Hat Designs where I sell outrageously fashionable mini top hats.

            2. I have three kids five and under.

            3. I spend an inordinate amount of time pinning.

            4. My husband and I met in middle school, where we bonded over our mutual love of Spongebob Squarepants.
3. Do you listen to music while writing? If so, pick a theme song for Blood on the Moon…

Yes, I do! I would probably pick Cardinals by The Republic of Wolves.

4. Dogs or cats?

Cats. I like how they look at you with those sarcastic eyes that quite clearly say “piss off.”

5.  If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

Unlimited energy. So I could keep up with my kids.

6. Ebooks, paperbacks or hardcovers? 

All of the above. I used to be hard-core against ebooks back in the day. Then I tried them. They are just so dang convenient! Sometimes, though, I just want a real tangible book in my hands. Usually that calls for a hardcover.

7. What advice would you give to inspiring authors? 

Never stop trying!
8. Who would you say has influenced you most as a writer?

My sister. She is also an amazing writer and my unofficial editor. She tells me the truth even when it sucks and helps me grow.

9. Why do you love writing? 

Because it takes you to a place of pure creativity, a dreamland where anything is possible.


About Jennifer Knight:

Jennifer KnightHi. I’m Jen. I am twenty-two years old and live in Miami, Florida with my family. I’m a lifelong lover of books, romance and anything even vaguely supernatural. Except zombies. Zombies scare me. I started writing in college after trying and failing to find a major. It was all I really knew how to do and since school was going nowhere, I threw myself into it. I wrote my first book in a matter of months and watched it go up in flames. Smoldering, but still determined to make this writing thing work, I moved on to something completely different. Werewolves! Love them. Who doesn’t? I wrote the first draft of Blood on the Moon in about two months, during which I locked myself in my room and thought about teeth and moons and kissing. I must have done something right, because Running Press bought my book and now you’re here reading this. I guess that means you liked the book. Yay! If I had a cookie, I’d totally give it to you. You deserve it. Anyway, now that Blood on the Moon is done, I’m writing the sequel. And also some other stuff that hopefully you’ll see one day.



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