Apologies for the sketchy-ness

If you follow any other blogs (how could you?!), you will probably be well and truly sick of bloggers going away and coming back with a post complaining about their problems.

Well I’m sorry ok?

Just kidding.

There are multiple reasons why there is a lack of posts on this blog.

1) School

Yes, I’m playing THAT card. But it is a fantastic reason. A terrible reason, actually. As a Year 11 student, I have my first exams coming up not next week, but spread over the two weeks after that. Do you know what that means? I have to sit five three hour tests that can be worth as much as up to 50% of my grade, which scares me. That’s a lot of essays, people. So I have been spending all my time doing assignments and tests and now I have to study for these things.

2) Holidays

During my last holidays I went away for a week. And the entire week at home was spent trying to rush through all my holiday homework so I could get it done = no time to blog.

3) My other blog(s)

Recently I have set up another two blogs for my other two interests. I’ve almost completed the design of one of them, but again I haven’t really had time.

4) THIS blog’s design

Before I could post again, I absolutely had to change my blog design. I apologise for the abomination that it was.


So what I plan to do is begin posting again on the three days I have after exams before I go to school. Who knows if I’ll post before then?!

Well if you do know, please tell me.

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