Be fair. Please.

I really need to get something off my mind that has been bugging me recently. A lot.

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There have been a few author/blogger”problems” lately. Some of you may have seen the Goodreads bingo card, or whatever it was called? Well. I can’t say that as a blogger or Goodreads reviewer I appreciated it too much.

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As a book blogger, I give up my free time promote books. So I obviously want to read good books. I don’t really think anybody would want to read a bad book. So when a blogger posts a one star review, there  has to have been things in the book that the reviewer didn’t like. One of the bingo squares that made me laugh was the one that said ‘Reviewer thinks girl main character is whiny, unlikeable and unsympathetic’. How unfair right? Um, no. They probably are whiny.

Not many people senselessly bash books unless they are really, really offended. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and therefore people aren’t going to love every single book they read. I have different opinions to my friends, etc.

Basically, what I’m getting at is that the whole point of reviewing is giving an honest review. Not many people make up their mind on a book based on one single review. I know that I have a pretty good idea of where the book will sit on my TBR pile after about 5 reviews. But even if they are all bad, and if the premise sounds really good to me, I will still check it out if I’m interested.

All readers make up their own minds based on reviews. 90% of the time there will usually be good and bad reviews for books. I don’t see a one star review that completely bashes a book and go “that book is obviously going to suck if suchandsuch hates it”. We can make up our own minds thank you very much.

So please, give us some credit.



5 thoughts on “Be fair. Please.

  1. bookgeeking says:

    I have not seen the bingo thing you are talking about. But I agree, we can make up our own minds, there is no point reviewing if they are all going to be good, it would make reviews worthless and people wouldn’t trust them. I actaully look for bad reviews. If a book has nothing but good ones, I get suspicious and think something is up (unless there’s only a few reviews of course) But then with only good reviews I am less likely to read it. So in that respect bad reviews actually help the author.

    But on the other side I think some reviewers (thankfully none that I follow on wordpress) can be mean. As long as it is about the book and shows how they felt about the book then I am fine, but when people start being rude and being mean to the author or saying only idiots like the book then I get annoyed.

    Sorry I got carried away. 🙂 Nice post

    • Livvvy75 says:

      That is so true. I absolutely hate I when reviewers completely bash a book but I absolutely hate it at the same time when we are bashed for writing a negative review.

  2. rlsharpe says:

    Yes! I agree. Readers are not dumb and can make up their own minds. Readers read reviews as a guide to see if they want to read a book. They don’t just read negative reviews and tell themselves they aren’t going to read it. I always read a mix of good, bad and mid star reviews so I get a fair idea.
    The bingo card was offensive to bloggers, who, as you said, give up their free time to read and review, which is time consuming and sometimes hard. Most reviewers don’t like to give negative reviews but we are told to be honest. Not everyone can like every single book.
    Reviewers are a big part of book marketing and authors shouldn’t be so quick to slam us.

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