The Maze Runner movie quick discussion

The Maze Runner movie – a quick discussion

The Maze Runner (2014) Poster (source)

So the other day (well, a week ago) I saw that The Maze Runner movie had been uploaded to iTunes and freaked out. I had been looking forward to the movie ever since I heard that they were making it – and unfortunately it was released in the cinemas when I was on holiday (seriously, how rude).

Please ignore my movie reviewing skills.

Because they’re brilliant and I wouldn’t want to make you jealous.

Or not.

film animated GIF  (source)

Honestly, I’m not all that excited about how it went down. I kinda had a few issues.

Problem #1: 

The casting. Especially of Gally. I’m not saying that the actor (Will Poulter) did a bad job, but from memory I don’t think he was described to look anything like he does in the movie as he does in the book. And Newt looks kinda different in my head as well. Yeah, I know, it may just be my imagination but I don’t think I would have such a different image of Gally. Newt is ok, but I felt like he had the wrong kind of build and things.

And he had the WORST accent. I’m pretty sure in the book it hints that he’s Australian but from the movie I DID NOT GET THAT. It sounded like he was trying, but he kept going back to British. I watched it with my mum and brother and they had no idea that he was supposed to be Australian.

Unless of course he isn’t and I miss interpreted the book. That would be embarrassing.

idk animated GIF  (source)

Problem #2:

I felt like the movie didn’t give nearly enough information. I’d read the book and I wasn’t even sure Gally was Gally until I had heard the names a couple of times. And Winston wasn’t even in it properly.

And what happened to Thomas trying out all the different Glader jobs? That was one of my favourite parts of the book!

 animated GIF  (source)

I just felt really sorry for my mum and brother while we were watching it though. I didn’t feel like they could possibly enjoy it like I could have been. However, my brother says he really liked it.

Problem #3:

I thought that maybe the wrong parts had been cut from the movie. I thought that it kind of moved too fast and that a little more information in between would have done wonders. Like seeing the characters interact more. But the movie probably would have been a little bit too long if that happened.

Good thing #1:

One word: Minho.

I thought he was cast rather brilliantly. He looked exactly the same in my head and I thought he played his part with utter skillage.

the maze runner animated GIF  (source)

Good thing #2:

Newt + Albie. I love them. I actually liked Albie more in the movie. I thought he was more likeable. But Newt has always been my love. Even if I didn’t think his casting was perfect, I thought the actor did a brilliant job. They all did actually. I just think they didn’t all match their physical book descriptions that well. Theresa and Minho did though.

Good thing #3:

I thought that the movie moved pretty smoothly. I never got bored, even though I am NOT a fan of action movies for that reason.

Good thing #4:

I think that a movie sequel could be phenomenal.

Good thing #5: 

The setting was SO COOL. I think that it was reallyreallyreallyreally well put together.


Well that was longer than I expected. I didn’t think I could remember anything. Oh the human memory.

All into consideration, I think I will give this movie…

2.5/5 comets
Minor indent. Could have been a bigger hit.


Have you seen the movie and/or read the books? What did you think? 

2 thoughts on “The Maze Runner movie quick discussion

  1. Nara says:

    I think Newt just had a British accent- he was the only member of the cast that was allowed to keep his accent, if I remember correctly- so he wasn’t actually putting on an Aussie accent 😛

  2. I was a fan of the book series but the movie just never appealed to me for some reason. I’ve heard lots of mixed reviews for this and I’m seriously not sure whether I would ever end up watching it. I love the actor for Minho – I’ve seen some of his stuff on youtube and he’s just brilliant! Maze Runner would have been so hard to adapt, so I’m glad you enjoyed it overall Liv! xx

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