My love affair with Les Mis

My love affair with Les Miserables…

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I like to think of it as a long-term-but-probably-eternal-marriage but apparently you’re not supposed to marry books.

Oh society. How I disapprove of thee.

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Ok, I was joking there, but settle in kiddiewinkles, I will explain to you of how I came to love Les Miserables by Victor Hugo…


A girl browses a theatre website. She scrolls down, only a little, and sees an advertising for the show, Les Miserables, which would be performed soon, around the time of her birthday. She’d always been desperate to see it and the wise girl saw the perfect opportunity to. She flutters her impeccably long lashes at her mother, who was doomed to give in, and she agrees to take the girl to the show for her birthday present.

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The girl goes to the show and falls completely, totally and utterly in love with it. Before anyone can say ‘uh oh she’s going to go insane, is there an asylum near here?’ the girl has already sourced a copy of the album and has listened to it over and over again, knowing most of the lyrics by the end of the next day.

By the end of the next week she has also selected favourite performers from numerous shows passed. So much so that when the most recent movie adaption was released in 2012, she noticed a cameo from one of the most well-known performers. She was rather fond of the movie and of course owns the DVD.

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Then the next year, the girl sees the book going for fairly cheap in her local ‘everything’ kind of store. Obviously it’s destiny, so the girl buys it. Then it sits for a bit on her shelf, scaring the girl a little with it’s 1232 pages, until the month of January 2014, when the girl does the math. If she was to read 100 pages per month this year, come December, she can have finished it.

And that’s just what she did! Surprising herself she stuck to reading the book every month, no more or less than a hundred pages, and finished it. She loved it to bits, deeming it as possibly the best book she’s ever read. She writes up some of her favourite quotes and sticks them on her wall. She really does love it.

By the time the theatre production rolls around again in 2015, she’s already begged to go and see it as part of her Christmas present. And her poor mother obliges to seeing it yet again (she had already seen it before said girl was born, to). Then it occurs to the girl when she’s watching it that not only does she know all the songs, but 3 hours worth of dialogue as well. She was internally correcting the actors sometimes.


And that was that!

If you haven’t read Les Mis, I strongly recommend that you do. I have numerous bookmarks placed, but even then it’s only of my favourite, favourite pages. Otherwise every page would be bookmarked. If you opened to a random page you could probably find something amazingly well-written on it.

It really is a brilliant book. I’ll have to post a review maybe.

Thanks for sticking with this post if you did! Many congratulations and much internet-transferred imaginary cake if you did. I would be very impressed. I know that this is something a bit different to usual, hopefully it’s not too terrible.

But seriously you have to read it.

8 thoughts on “My love affair with Les Mis

  1. Jess says:

    Oh my goodness Liv you totally have to meet that girl as your best friend I have to tell you that she sounds like your twin! She knows all the songs!!!! She has quotes all over her room! And she corrects Proffesional Actors! Oh and you totes belong in the loony bin😝

    • Livvvy75 says:

      Jess…Jess…why does that name sound familiar? Could it be? I think I know that girl. I think I AM that girl? Oh this life is too much. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 and for the most awkward post too.

  2. Faye M. says:

    I would looove to read this one! But all I keep seeing are the abridged copies, and I really want the complete one, even if it’s full of pages and pages of descriptions. I have a friend who’s absolutely a FAN of it. She watched the movie 25 times, went to the musicals live when she was in London, has three copies in English, 2 copies in French, which she all read BACK TO BACK 5 times O.O I think you two would make great friends 😉 😉

    Faye at The Social Potato

  3. Olivia, it kind of looks like you have a small fondness for Les Mis… You should try to go on a Les Mis World Tour when you finish school! You know… see a French representation in Paris, see one on Broadway and so on 😉
    Have a great day (evening?) and rest of the week.

  4. TheSeedQueen says:

    I’m so with you! My love affair with Les Mis began with the PBS concert special. I fell in love with the musical first and then moved onto the book in high school. I have written numerous papers on it and even took a Victor Hugo class in college. I have now seen the musical 6 times and at least two film adaptions of it.

  5. Yayy thanks for your story on loving Les Mis Livvvy! I watched the movie of it and loved it SO much that I was listening to the sound track for ages, I would love to go to the theatre production if I get the chance. Great to hear you made it through the book and really recommend it too!

  6. Ahhh I’ve always wanted to read the book but the sheer size scares me as well! I loved the movie, downloaded the soundtrack and listened to it on repeat for months too. I wish a production will come to Sydney soon, I’d love to see it live on stage!!

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