Blogging Inspiration: What Could That Be?

Blogging inspiration is probably the thing I struggle most with in terms of blogging. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love blogging. And believe it or not I do have ideas about what I want to post about.


So, being the proud-but-obsessive list-making person that I am, I of course compile all of my ideas into a list.

writing animated GIF  (source)

But by the time I’m thinking of doing a post again, I feel like the ideas have sort of fizzled out.

Where before when I first came up with the idea and knew exactly what I wanted to do with the post, now I have either completely forgotten what I wanted to say/write, or more likely, find that I don’t think the idea is as interesting anymore.

As if that wasn’t enough of a problem, it gets worse because while I do have a lot of ideas, they all come at once. So by the time I get to them, they are never as enticing and sometimes that means I can’t work up the steam to blog.

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After all, what do you think inspired today’s post?


But as the end of my school holidays are drawing closer, it has occurred to me that I won’t always be able to be super inspired and at the ready to write a post. So I’m guessing I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and write the posts sometimes.

Why don’t I do that more often? Because I’m worried it upsets the qualities of the post and obviously doesn’t give the same result as writing spontaneously and in the moment does.

So as of now I plan to schedule more posts when I am ‘in the moment’ and maybe go into more detail in my post planning lists.

Are you one of the people who obviously have tremendous super powers and can therefore write a spectacular post at a moment’s notice? Or are you more like me – the ideas come flooding, and then staggered? 

5 thoughts on “Blogging Inspiration: What Could That Be?

  1. Did you happen to stop by Parajunkee’s site this week? She had a post about keeping an idea journal which I started to do shortly after I started blogging. I’ve also started to keep a list of ideas using Wunderlist. I often find that physically writing out my idea either in bullet points or writing out the entire posts helps a lot!

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews

  2. Faye M. says:

    Before I started scheduling like crazy, I wrote my posts on the go, that means writing them an hour or two before the deadline. I’m not sure how I do it to be honest… it was certainly nerve-wracking, that much is for sure, but I guess my cramming for papers in school helped me “polish” this skill (I once had to write a 25-page paper on humanity and Foucault 3 days before the deadline O.O It took countless coffee, but I did it!). I schedule now, though, and it’s definitely easier than before, and I wonder what else I could’ve wrote about if I only wrote those stuff the moment I got the idea? OFtentimes I’d think of it, then go, “Ah, I’ll write that later this week.” I feel like if I wrote it the moment I thought of it, it would’ve been better written!

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • Livvvy75 says:

      Just let me pick my jaw back up: 25 pages in 3 days?! *faints*
      Yeah I have to say that that is exactly my problem – what would the quality have been like? I can assure you you’re posts are of a tremendously high quality anyway 😉

  3. rlsharpe says:

    I’m a busy girl so I have to plan my blog posts a head of time or I would forget to post. I use a calender that is only for blogging, which helps.

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