When do I find time to read?

Wow. Ok. So maybe I’m not the right person to talk about this.

Why? Because I am so incredibly awful at finding time to read.

Basically my day consists of wake up, do my little jobs around the house, and mooch around. Mooching time is definitely potential reading time that typically goes to waste.

I think my problem is that I really just don’t wake up until like lunchtime. Not great for my teachers.

But anyway, then I’m at school. I can’t read on the way to school because there really isn’t much time. I also can’t read at school because my friends would not appreciate it.


Then I get home and do homework. THEN I have free time. Now, sometimes that precious time is spent on  a blog post (but hey, at least it’s book-related!) or on me procrastinating (meaning I still haven’t done my homework by this point and are thinking about doing it. But sometimes I read! Then I eat dinner and watch something to relax a bit. Then I practise my Italian and read for about ten minutes before bed.

Ok, I have so gone off on a tangent. Bother.

So basically, to sum up that post, I read after school. Wow it would have been so much simpler just to say that. But now you know about my waking  up and procrastinating habits.

The reason why I don’t make more of an effort to read, eg; on the way to school, is because I’m worried that if I start stressing about finding time to read that it will become a chore.

What are your reading habits? When do you find time to read?


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4 thoughts on “When do I find time to read?

  1. I’m so bad at waking up early too! Mostly because I have mild insomnia so I spend a lot of time awake in the dark and asleep in the morning, and I waste a LOT of time. I’m trying to fix that though, but I’m quite slow on doing that. According to the internet, drinking warm milk at night should help, but sometimes I’m too lazy to go downstairs. Haha! I think I’m getting off tangent too. Anyway, I personally have a lot of free time so it’s quite easy for me to find time to read. I have a lot of breaks at work, and I don’t work much. So yes, lots of free time to read. I don’t spend all the time reading though. Sometimes there’s blogging. And watching stuff. So yeah…

  2. rlsharpe says:

    I like to read right after dinner. I need half an hour for my food to settle before I have to do the dishes, so I read then. I also read before bed. And If I’m loving a book I’ll read it whenever I can, trying to squeeze it in during the day whenever I can. Plus, I don’t watch much TV anymore.

  3. goldenfurpro says:

    I basically read whenever I can cram some time in. If I have time before school, I read. If I can cram some time before classes start (especially, if my previous class got out early), I read. After lunch, before I go to work, I read. Sometimes at work, I read when there’s nothing for me to do (I work as a student worker and I basically assist teachers on stuff like grading, coping papers, etc.). After work I might read and I always read before bed.
    Now, like I said, I read whenever I can read, but I do have other things that I have to do (besides work and school). I have homework, a social life, and I do like to do internet stuff, so that stuff also gets in the way of my reading.

  4. When I’m busy and have uni and assignments and all that jazz, I read before bed/going to sleep. I actually like going to bed really early when I’m SUPER busy so I can have a few hours of reading time. I don’t function properly if my reading time is greatly reduced. I feel like a part of my life is missing.

    As for when I have free time – I can read in the morning, at lunchtime, in the afternoon, or, gloriously ALL DAY).

    But as for finding time to read in a busy schedule: before sleep, always.

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