My favourite TV shows

Only recently I’ve allowed myself to get ito TV shows. And  boy did I ever. Here are some of my favourites:

1. Pretty Little Liars

 Pretty Little Liars (2010) Poster

Oh my goodness. This show is ridiculously addictive. I’ve been watching two episodes pretty much daily. That’s huge coming from someone who struggles to sit through a movie. It’s based on books too, which makes it even better…though I’ve never read them…This show is so unpredictable and keeps you guessing. Seriously, I have so many theories on who ‘A’ is.

2. Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey (2010) Poster

Eeeeeep! Love ❤ Or at least I did until the season finale of season 3. I’m not watching it anymore. That is, until season 4 comes from the library.

3. Supernatural

Supernatural (2005) Poster

Once again, much heart. Castiel, Sam and Dean are all mine. Don’t even try to claim any different.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) Poster

Admittedly I liked this less as the series went on, but I still loved each season all the same.  I think this series will always have a place in my heart. I just remember how crushed I was when I realised “season 8” was actually animated. Sigh.

5. Angel

Angel (1999) Poster

The spin-off series to Buffy! I liked this just as much. I mean, any show with Spike in it is great.

6. Doctor Who

Doctor Who (2005) Poster

I really do love this show. Especially the episodes where they go back in time. I have to say, David Tennant is my favourite doctor, new and old included.

7. Merlin

The Adventures of Merlin (2008) Poster

I love this show so much! WHY DID IT HAVE TO END? It was funny, fantastical and AMAZING.

8. Atlantis

Atlantis (2013) Poster

This is actually by the creators of Merlin! It’s really good as well. I don’t know if it has been released in Australia yet but I had relatives who sent it over from England for me. But yeah, I definitely recommend.


I’m thinking of checking out Reign, Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, the Walking Dead, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Lost and Firefly soon.

Ok I didn’t realise how many that was. So…

Do you watch any of these? Are there any that you absolutely love?




*All images come from IMDb.

3 thoughts on “My favourite TV shows

  1. rlsharpe says:

    I use to watch Buffy when it was on regular TV and I loved it.
    You should really watch Once Upon A Time it is my favourite show and highly recommend it if you like fairy tales.

  2. jenspenden says:

    Downton Abbey!!!! Love that show!

  3. I love Supernatural, Buffy, Doctor Who, and Angel. And I agree that Buffy was the best in the earlier seasons, once they went off to college I didn’t it enjoy as much. I really want to see Merlin and Downton Abbey they are on my to watch list.

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