…It’s Tuesday

It’s Tuesday 8#

I have to say that nothing particularly amazing has happened to me recently. Well probably not by your standards anyway. Well I did have a decent Tuesday I guess.


Five things of interest that happened to me recently:

  1. I finished the Chemical Garden trilogy by Lauren DeStefano FINALLY. And as a result I am currently still in the state of denial. Just…no.
  2. Referring to the above, I literally still shake my head when I think of that final book.
  3. I finished watching Supernatural Season 6. I’m still in denial about that, come to think of it.
  4. I started watching Downtown Abbey. VERY ADDICTING. Seriously. I just watched an episode and was still watching the screen after it was over. Denial yet again.
  5. It’s been 3 weeks since I last did an It’s Tuesday post. #cantkeepdenying



I didn’t know about this: “Amazon Ramps Up War Against Hachette” – read the article HERE

The movie rights to the Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks has been sold! The first book is called Of Poseidon…I’ve never actually read this trilogy but I know I will love it. Read an article HERE


…And I’m afraid that’s all I got this week! I did do a lot of searching but there wasn’t anything really that interesting that I could include.


2 thoughts on “…It’s Tuesday

  1. jenspenden says:

    I LOVE Downtown Abbey!!!! I just finished season 4, and yeah. I’m in denial too. Need. More. Now!

  2. Natasha says:

    I just finished the final Chemical Garden book last week and I am in denial about that too!

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