Counting the Stars 55#

counting the stars

Counting the Stars is a weekly meme hosted here at Bookcomet! This meme allows you to display what books you have gained in the last week! Feel free to join.

The rules:

•Post a sticker – whether it be mine or your own (provided it has Counting the Stars on it).
•Either a) leave a link to your post in the comments below or b) tell me your answers in the comments – either is fine!
•Try to post titles under at least a few of the catergories below.

Books I bought:

These finally came this week! I am SO excited for them! The first is one of my most anticipated books of this year and the second is a conclusion to one of my favourite trilogies.

  • The Break-Up Artist by Philip SiegelThe Break-Up Artist
  • The Forever Song by Julie KagawaThe Forever Song (Blood of Eden, #3)



For review:


I requested quite a few this week – on top of my other requests. I have a feeling they will all be available for pick-up at once. But I downloaded an eBook from my library’s eBook selection this morning.

  • The Promise of Amazing by Robin ConstantineThe Promise of Amazing


My Kindle is playing up – so I haven’t been able to read any ARCs! Meaning I’m still literally half way through what I was reading. But while I am praying for my Kindle’s survival, I have taken the liberty of finishing off a trilogy I have been waiting a long time to read:

  • Wither by Lauren DeStefanoWither (The Chemical Garden, #1)
  • Fever by Lauren DeStefanoFever (The Chemical Garden, #2)
  • Sever by Lauren DeStefanoSever (The Chemical Garden, #3)

To be read:

When my Kindle goes back to normal, this list might change to comprise of the BZRK trilogy by Michael Grant. But for now…

  • Tempest by Julie CrossTempest (Tempest, #1)
  • Touch of Frost by Jennifer EstepTouch of Frost (Mythos Academy, #1)

Currently reading:

  • The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine (20%)The Promise of Amazing



Apparently that is my final TBR because there’s nothing that can be done. RIP. But I am going to get a new Kindle 🙂


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