Where do I buy my books?

Aha! Good question my friend.

Star Trek Approves

But alas, all is not so easy. For you must remember that I’m in Australia and therefore you may not be exactly saving money but are in fact spending mre. But if you are Australian too, read on. If you’re not Australian, maybe you’ll still discover a shop.

So 99% of the books I buy are bought online. Why? Because my local bookshops are really expensive. In fact, even my local second-hand bookshop has the same prices as my normal bookshop where I could get new books for the same price.

My major wish is that I could purchase from Amazon.com and I could but a lot of the time the postage costs me more than the total price of the books. But I’ve been on Amazon.com before and searched up a book and seen it priced for about $13 or something. Then I’ll be like that’s what I normally pay anyway. Then I’ll look closer and be like “oh. Wait. That’s a HARDCOVER?”

girl crying

Sorry, I needed to include a Supernatural gif.

So enough moaning, where do I buy my books from then?

1. Harlequin Australia

Yep, I buy most of my books from Harlequin Australia. Why? Because they have amazing deals, good shipping times and great books of course. Every holiday or special day they usually have some sort of sale, like currently for Mother’s Day they have a 50% deal, meaning you get half off the usual $12.95 price. And free shipping when you spend over $30. The other sale they get sometimes is Buy 2 get 1 free. But yeah, check them out. If you want to get the Mother’s Day prices and other special deals, sign up for the newsletter. Click HERE for more.

2. The Book Depository

I used to purchase from bookdepository.co.uk but I seem to be only able to purchase from bookdepository.com at the moment. So in other words I probably missed something that changed in that sense. I don’t tend to purchase from them anymore because the prices seem to have gone up a bit. I mean, they’re still good though.  Click HERE for more.

3. Book Outlet

I. Love. Book Outlet. Their prices are amazing and I can get hardcovers for the same price as I would be getting the paperbacks of the same books. Sure shipping is expensive and takes a while, but the point is that I can get hardcovers (incl. shipping) for the same price as a paperback. Sometimes they even even have autographed books as well. If you want to save even more, they have Scratch & Dent copies as well. I need to start using these guys again more. Click HERE for more.

4. Dymocks

I do actually use Dymocks sometimes. There are a few near me. I’m talking about buying in person this time. But occasionally they have books on special for $5 each. If you know where to look. Like I have gotten: BZRK, Blood Red Road and Insignia each for $5 from Dymocks which I think is pretty good. I’ve seen some others there as well that are fairly popular.

5. Basement Books

I have only been to physical store once (because it’s not in my state) but when I did it blew my mind. It was HUGE and had so many amazing deals. You can get up to 90% off RRP. I went there with my family and they couldn’t get me out. Unfortunately I had to be strong about the amount of books I bought, I mean there is only a limited amount of space/weight you can have and I already had books with me. But I still bought 4 books. They had Finale by Becca Fitzpartick for $2!!!! I have also purchased from them online too, but since they are so cheap it’s hard to get your cart to total $30 for free shipping because they don’t have that many books on offer. Click HERE for more.

6. AllBooks4Less

I used to use this one but unfortunately they changed so that they only have a very limited amount of books in stock for two weeks. So it’s virtually impossible to fill a cart up to $30 when I can usually only find one book I want for about $5. In fact, they might even be shut at the moment, I’m not sure: click HERE for more.


As for shops I’ve heard of but have never purchased from:

7. Booktopia

8. Bookworld


Anyway, I hope I might have introduced you to some new shops or even have just reminded you of a few.


* I do not claim ownership of any of the gifs used in this post

5 thoughts on “Where do I buy my books?

  1. Cool picks, I’m from the US so some of these shops I’ve haven’t heard of. Have you tried “Alibris”? The shipping is expensive, but the books are very cheap.

  2. HOLLY says:

    Great post! (and awesome gifs, by the way.) I’ve never actually tried buying books from the Book Depository, but I’ve wanted to for a while… I usually buy my books at local secondhand shops or Barnes & Noble. But I’ve been looking for a place to purchase them for a cheaper price online, so I’ll have to try some of these websites out!

    • Livvvy75 says:

      Thank you *bats eyelids*!
      I hope the postage is decent for you if you buy from those websites – I’m guessing you’re not in Australia 😉

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