…It’s Tuesday.

It’s Tuesday 6#

The end of my Tuesday is drawing to a close. Meaning  it’s time for…my Tuesday post. Mind blown.


Five things that happened to me recently:

  1. I never really woke up today. And I had maths last, meaning I was even more asleep than usual anyway.
  2. I nearly stepped on a poisonous snake last weekend #most_definitely_not_a_stick
  3. I saw Divergent for the second time also on the weekend. It’s now both a literary and a movie masterpiece.
  4. It’s the second day I have been expecting some books and every little sound my ears perk up expectantly.
  5. I started preparing for the theory part of my driving test, which is mandatory for every Year 10 in my state to take. I am nervous. Apparently it’s fairly easy though and you only have to get like 24/30 to pass.



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J. K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy will be turned into a HBO/BBC mini-series! Read MORE

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