…It’s Wednesday

It’s Tuesday 5#

Yes, the title says Wednesday and the subtitle says Tuesday. No, it’s not a mistake. You see, I am currently writing this on Tuesday/yesterday/today because I won’t be able to post tomorrow, so I’m doing this in advance. I already had/have a post on Tuesday because I will have posted a review of a book that actually publishes on the 22nd. So, instead of having another review, I decided to make an It’s Wednesday/Tuesday post!


Five things that happened to me recently:

  1. It came to my attention that people who don’t know how to use WordPress won’t know how to access my home page. Oops.
  2. I lost and found my hairbrush three times within three minutes. Really, I think I’m talented.
  3. I joined the Aussie YA Book Bloggers group on Goodreads. If you are Australian, a book blogger and you blog about YA, please, come join us.
  4. I stopped reading a book. Whatwhatwhatwhat.
  5. I had to repaint one of my nails like five times. I guess you could say I’m easily distracted and do not come near me if I have wet nails.



The If I Stay trailer was released! YAY! It looks soooo good. Watch it HERE. It looks so fantastic.

World Book Night U.S. has begun! Volunteers will be giving out books nationwide and there will be author events. Read more HERE

It has been announced that James Ward Byrkit will be writing the screenplay for the movie adaptation of Wake by Lisa McMann. The movie will star Miley Cyrus. Read more  HERE

Authors are worried about the decline in male readers. More HERE

J. K. Rowling will be writing Quidditch match reports on Pottermore from the point of view of Ginny Weasley. Find out MORE



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