It’s Tuesday (2#)

Well. It’s Tuesday. Can I mention that Tuesday has always been my least favourite day of the week?


Five things that happened to me today:

  1. I must have beat the record for how many times it is possible to walk into things in one day. Before my first class.
  2. I dropped my calculator at least ten times today – not even just in maths.
  3. My computer (or maybe my blog is the culprit) does not want me to post a review. Seriously.
  4. It occurred to me that I haven’t commented on many blogs lately. If you are one of those blogs, I apologise profusely, I am NOT giving you the silent treatment.
  5. I discovered that my reflexes are fantastic. F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C.



The Maze Runner movie trailer has been released! Click HERE to witness the amazingness that is the Maze Runner trilogy. I read the trilogy before even starting this blog. So excited! EEP!

The Giver movie trailer was ALSO released and also looks brillinat but I’ve never read the book, so I can’t comment on that. Click HERE to watch

The producer of the Divergent movie announced his seven steps to making a succesful YA movie adaptation HERE

Publisher’s Weekly shared some interesting news concerning book sales and YA HERE – definitely recommend checking out.


4 thoughts on “It’s…Tuesday

  1. I used to think you were somewhere in the Americas, but you just said maths so I’m assuming you’re European now. I’m not really sure. I forget these things. :))

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