Babbling with Bookcomet (11#)


Tackling that ARC Pile

You read that title. I’m actually going to tackle that ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) pile. Head on.

If you are a reviewer of sorts, you will remember that time you got your first ARC request approved. Unless like me you would rather not remember because it was not one of your most, ahem, dignifying moments. I remember being so, so excited.

I still get that feeling. Then…there’s the stress. Having a huge pile of books you’re pretty much obligated to review isn’t fun. And I feel mega-guilty.

So now I present to: The Olivia Will Massively Cut Down On Her ARC Pile

Bit of a mouthful to say, I suppose.

And just in case you would like me to expand on which, maybe you even need help with this, I shall elaborate on just what exactly this project is.

There’s just one incy wincy little thing that might turn people off. A reading schedule. But don’t worry folks, that’s for another day.

Any way here’s my tips/what I’m doing:

  1. Reading schedule (I can practically hear the groan) – I read three ARCS, then I get to read a book of my choice, whether it was purchased, borrowed from the library or whatever.
  2. Rewards – I’m going to reward myself by buying a new book everytime I make it through a hunk of the pile. I was going to tell you which number it will be when I get my first reward, but I’m geniunely too ashamed. Let’s not go there.
  3. Realistic – I’m not aiming to read ALL of them in six months or something (not possible). My goal is to be at an 80% approval to feedback ratio by the end of the year.
  4. Restricted – Restricted, but not totally. This means I’m not going to request many more books either. I still will, I mean total bans hardly ever work and if you can get an ARC of a book you really want, why wait. It could be the book in the reading schedule you choose to read. But not totally relaxed, I mean there is a reason the word ‘strict’ is in restricted.

Oh look at that. They all start with the letter ‘R’. Guess that plan’s now called “Quadruple R”. In all honesty, it’s still a pretty lame name.

The other thing is, if the ARC doesn’t grab me, it goes straight down to the bottom of the TBR (To Be Read) pile. No exceptions. And who cares if there’s a book that isn’t an ARC but you need to read. To get out of a reading slump or whatever *like me right now*.

Good luck with your ARC piles and happy reading!

5 thoughts on “Babbling with Bookcomet (11#)

  1. What’s your ARC number? XD I don’t know how a reading schedule could work for me. And I think I’d be too impatient to wait for reward time to buy a book. Lol. But I also restricted myself from requesting books.

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