Babbling with Bookcomet (9#)

This week I’m going to be babbling about…

Do you mark your books?

Haha, this is a big thing for me. I’m one of those people who HAVE to keep their books in absolute pristine condition. And I mean pristine.

Then I really got thinking about this topic the other day,when I was reading Les Miserables. I hardly ever flag pages, let alone highlight them. Yet I really just had to remember the pages somehow. So what did I do? Tore up some paper, neatly of course.

So my question for you, is:
Do you take notes of quotes/passages that you like? If so, how?

7 thoughts on “Babbling with Bookcomet (9#)

  1. jenspenden says:

    I never mark up my pages. Blasphemy! 😉 Usually, if I wanna remember a quote or something (normally for a review) I use a mnemonic device to memorize the page number, lol…Unless I happen to be near a piece of paper to write it down…Of course, I’ll likely lose that paper, so I just stick to memorizing.

  2. I’ve never marked up my book pages, not even for school! I don’t do it, since I like to have my books in pristine condition.

    • Livvvy75 says:

      Yeah I’m exactly the same! Whenever I actually let someone borrow a book, I can’t be around them when they read it because I tell them they’re are reading it wrong and CAN NOT BREAK THE SPINE OR BEND THE COVER

  3. 2nd Run Reviews says:

    It depends on the book. The last book I started writing in the margins was A Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night. I started wondering/making predictions and didn’t want to forget my thoughts. I only hope I didn’t spoil the novels for my sister as I loan my physical books to her after I’m done with them.

    • Livvvy75 says:

      Haha that’s so nice of you! I occasionally lend out books but people receive repetitions of my book borrowing rules before and during the borrow period. I wish I could write in books…I would just totally regret it later.

  4. I totally highlight my books. My favorite ones have a LOT. They usually make me feel shy when I lend them or give them away though. It feels like I’m giving parts of myself away

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