Babbling with Bookcomet (6#)


And we have a picture.


Ok…I have never seen this discussed in the book blog world before.

For those of you who don’t know, BookTubing is the term used to describe people who talk about books on YouTube. BookTubers are very similar to book bloggers in the way that they do book hauls (we do them), discussions (*clears throat*), book tags (not me as such but I guess memes are pretty similar too), TBRs, wrap-ups and, of course, reviews.

I actually watch a lot of BookTube – I have discovered so many great books thanks to it. Admittedly, book hauls and wrap-ups are probably my favourite videos to watch.

Here are some of my favourite channels:

  • TheBookFanatics
  • LittleBookOwl
  • JessetheReader
  • padfootandprongs07
  • polandbananasbooks
  • Katytastic

There are so many more as well.

I have thought a couple of times about creating a channel but I don’t really think I would be able to post anything!

Pros and Cons of BookTubing:

Pros –

  • The “BookTubing community” is generally known to be very welcoming and nice
  • You can show people with videos as opposed to pictures
  • It’s easier to express your feelings (I mean you can show your emotions)
  • It looks like fun!

Cons –

  • Once you put something up, you can take it down but people don’t forget
  • Commenters can be nasty (same with book blogging, I guess, but I see more of it on YouTube)
  • Added pressure to posting videos often
  • Might feel like you have to buy books, just so you can do a book haul, etc.

Yeah, so they’re just my pros and cons. I don’t know if they’ll help you if you’re thinking of starting your own channel, but I hope they do!

Feel free to do your own post on this topic – just grab the button (or make your own) and link back to me!

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