Babbling with Bookcomet (5#)

Remember how the past four Babbling with Bookcomet posts I said I’ll make a button soon? Well I made the button. Ya know what the problem is? Once again I have to do this from my phone.
I have a stack of reviews to get to but it will have to be this for the mean time 🙂

Feel free to do this topic and join in, just make sure you link back to me so others can join and leave me a link in the comments!

Today’s topic:
Unread books:

A huge problem for me. I have over 70 unread books on my shelf, not including arcs, freebies and purchased books on my kindle. Then there’s all the library books. It’s kind of getting hard to manage.

There are loads of reasons why I haven’t read so many of the books I’ve bought.
a) There are too many other books with a set date to read. In arc or library form.
b) I don’t have all the books in the series. This one doesn’t usually stop me but if I have read and loved the first book, I don’t want to reread it every time I get a sequel. I always reread my books but I don’t want to read a book every single time I get a new sequel.
c) Probably the biggest issue:
I look forward to reading them so much and have put thought and time into buying it. When it’s gone it’s gone. I don’t want it to let me down.

I have too many. Too many. I absolutely hate turning down author requests and occasionally I really can’t resist but it I feel super guilty every time I have to. Plus there are books glinting at me from every direction when it comes to blogging and if two or more people love a book it automatically goes on my mental tbr list. It’s a wonder all those books fit into my memory. I really would love to have my feedback to approval ratio at 80% at least by the end of the year.

I would love to read some of these. I really would. But while you get some absolutely fantastic books I would happily pay to read, then you get the others that really aren’t the best. That goes with physical books as well but it does have a tendency to happen more for me with freebies.

Library books:
I love my library so much! I’m lucky with all the access to books I get. I always find myself reserving books and speaking of which, I have a ton books coming (including Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour I’m pretty sure if Francine (Always Lost in Books) is reading this!). But they mount up and get put before the books I own.

So what books do you have the most of? Do you have a huge pile of unread books?


4 thoughts on “Babbling with Bookcomet (5#)

  1. Aaawww. Thanks for the mention Liv! ❤ I have TONS of book to read. Most of them are Amazon freebies, but about a hundred or so were purchased. Most of them were discounted books though that's why I got them. Don't judge me! Lol. Thankfully, I have less ARCs. Maybe less than 30. And I don't have a nearby local library so I don't borrow books.

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