Review: The Panem Companion

The Panem Companion by V. Arrow

The Panem Companion

Publication date: December 4th 2012

Publisher: Smart Pop

Number of pages: 224

Series: N/A

Source: Received via Netgalley in exchange for review. This is my honest opinion.

Date finished reading: December 2nd 2013


 Goodreads synopsis:

-What does Panem look like?
-How does Panem define race?
-How do Panem’s districts reflect the major themes of the trilogy?
-What allusions to our world are found in Panem names like Finnick, Johanna, Beetee, Cinna, Everdeen, and Mellark?

Go deeper into the home of the Hunger Games with the creator of the best-known fan map of Panem.

The Panem Companion gives fresh insight into Suzanne Collins’ trilogy by looking at the world of the Hunger Games and the forces that kept its citizens divided since the Dark Days. With a blend of academic insight and the true passion of a fan, V. Arrow explores how Panem could have evolved from the America we know today and uses textual clues to piece together Panem’s beliefs about class, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, and more. Includes an extensive name lexicon and color-illustrated unofficial map of Panem



 I loved this book. A LOT. If you are a Hunger Games fan, a you NEED to read this. It is probably one of the best things you can do to rekindle your feelings for the trilogy if you’re feeling a bit washed out or just like the series, because it reminds you of the genius that is Suzanne Collins.

The author has obviously put a lot of effort into their research. I had no idea that all the names had meanings and weren’t just…chosen. It’s just so clever! Plus there is a prediction of when (what year) The Hunger Games would be.

I just LOVED The Panem Commpanion and can honestly say it’s the best book (if you know what I mean – facts or opinions on a book. Fan based) that is based on another book.

I would definitely recommend this to fans of the trilogy. It’s probably better if you have already read the whole trilogy to get the most out of this book. I loved it!

 5/5 stars!

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