It’s time for…



Goodreadathon is a readathon that runs from January 4th (midnight) – January 8th (midnight)! Don’t worry, it’s not too late to sign up, we need all the participants we can get.

There’ll be challenges, Twitter conversations, group stuff and lots of reading – it’s going to be really fun (especially if our participant count goes up)!

So, this readathon is run mainly from our Goodreads group and that’s where you sign up! If you want to sign up, click HERE ! You can post on your blog or vlog, just do anything you want!

This is will hopefully help to get you to read – I know it’s helped me a lot so far! If you want to do a blog post, feel free to grab the button and/or banner!

Here are my stats for the readathon so far:

  • Total books read – 1
  • Total pages read – 412
  • Currently reading – The Goddess Test
  • Up next – Venture Untamed







For full image credits, please visit the group!


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