Planning Perfect Parties Review

Planning Perfect Parties by Jen Jones

Publication date: April 1st 2014

Publisher: Capstone Young Readers

Source: Received in exchange for review via Netgalley. This is my honest review.

Date finished reading: 20th November 2013



Learn how to throw a pampering party that will go down in history. Or plan a game night, a costume party, a themed bash with friends—anything you dream up! Perfect Parties will fuel your creativity and supply you with tips and techniques to make your next party a can’t-miss success.

For ages 8-14.

* More than 10 creative party themes perfect for teens!

* Recipes, tips, favors and decorations included for each theme

* Companion website that unlocks additional content for teens to use in planning their party (including budget tools, shopping lists, invite templates, etc.)



I was not expecting to absolutely adore this book. ADORE. I didn’t just like it because of what it’s about but for a range of different things.

– Layout
I love the layout. It was really attractive and looks professional. There are some really nice, bright colours used, that are perfect for not only maintaining an 8-14 year old girl’s attention but that of a person any age.

– Ideas
This point covers a lot of cool stuff. Whether it’s invitations, themes for parties or even party favours, this book has you covered. Even if it’s just little things in terms of presentation, these tips go a long way.

– It made me want to plan a party
I’d bereading this and imagining hosting these parties and coming up with my own ideas and it really made me want to host one of my own. Go on, I CHALLENGE you to read this book and not want to host a party.

– It was pretty inspiring
Like I mentioned before, there are themes, pretty pictures, food recipes and menus, this book will just fill your head with great ideas.

– Helpful
This is a MUST have for parties. It has you covered in every way. Food, cleaning up messes, decorations, catering with your budget… Very helpful and nice to look at.

I’d recommend this to both children and adults thinking of hosting a party (really for ages 8-14). It might even give parents hosting their own themed parties some ideas. I loved this book just to read!

 5/5 stars!

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  About Jen Jones:

Using her past experience as a writer for E! Online, Jen Jones has written more than 40 books about celebrities, crafting, cheerleading, fashion, and just about any other obsession a girl in middle school could have — including her popular Team Cheer! series for Capstone. Jen lives in Los Angeles.


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