Oh What a Year!

Oh what a year.

I can barely believe that I started this blog only in March this year. 17th I believe (earliest date I can find). I can’t really imagine not having it now.

Saying I’ve come a looooong way is an understatement. The first review I ever posted on here was of The Luxe by Anna Godbersen. Back then I just had a page for reviews. My reviews were about a paragraph long and had a small picture of the cover and the title in bold.

The only post I has was a welcome to visitors to my blog because I seemed to decide not to post my reviews, just put them on the page.

Then, some time in April, I started posting the reviews. I’d post one review at a time, until I posted another one when I’d move it to the review page.

In maybe June or even late May, I realised that nobody was going to look at my review page. There was no way they were going to look at the reviews of books like The Luxe – they’d have a lot of scrolling to do. So I promptly deleted all my reviews and since I deleted the original post, linked it back to my Goodreads review. From now on I have just stopped deleting the posts but rather linking to them. And guess what? It’s in alphabetical order.

Sometime in the middle of the year (maybe) I began posting for blogger memes. I had a post for everyday. Not that I did post everyday.

In July I think I participated in my first readathon (Once Upon a Readthon) and I loved it. I read all day for four days and had loads of fun doing challenges and meeting people. My love for readathons has never diminished…in fact me and a Goodreads friend will host our own very soon. Oops…spoiler.

From then on I really just picked up a more steady pace and tried schedules (which I will probably go back to) which were briefly put on hold for my December advent calendar.

Next year I plan to make some big changes. Maybe even in blog design. Some of my earlier followers may remember I had the 2011 blog design with the header. I never liked my header image. Then I changed to this one, which I still don’t really like.

Thank you for being great followers, this will probably be my final post for the year, so Happy New Year!








*I do not claim ownership of the gifs/images shown in this post


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