Bookcomet Advent Calendar Day 11


Card to a favourite character: Tessa Gray (The Infernal Devices trilogy)

Dear Tessa,

I don’t know if you know but you’re one of my FAVOURITE characters ever. Now, this card will have to be sent back in time to Victorian London anyway, so I have decided to make this arrive to you between Clockwork Prince (the second book) and Clockwork Princess (the third and final book in your trilogy). Look, I know that you’ve been give one of the hardest decision to make ever. Choosing between Will Herondale and Jem Carstairs. And it gets more complicated than that. Yes, I know about that. But I wanted to tell you that you will make the best choice and the conclusion to your story will be a great one. One of the best.

Okay, so that may have been a minor spoiler for you. I suppose so but there is a road to travel before you get to that perfect ending. It will be a hard one but it will be worth it.

Ever fangirling,








*I do not claim ownership of all the images used in this post. For the  full image credits, please visit my image credit page.


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