Bookcomet Advent Calenday Day Four – Christmas Dinner


Who would I invite to Christmas dinner?

  • Will Herondale – You need someone to make the guests laugh. Whether it be with jokes about demon pox or what, Will Herondale needs to be there.
  • Tessa Gray – I just think that Tessa would be such an interesting person to meet. Plus she loves reading. And she’s just awesome.tessabookcometcutout
  • Celaena Sardothian – She has had SO many adventures and it would be great to hear her tell them (especially if she speaks the way she does in the book).celaenabookcometcutout
  • Puck – He reminds me a little of Will but he has a really light personality and he’s one of those characters I can imagine talking to in real life.
  • Rhine Ellery – She seems like she would be really cool in real life and that is pretty much my only reason.
  • Sage – He has a really cool narrative voice and NEEDS to teach me that coin trick he does.
  • Harry Potter – Enough said.

I would prepare:

  • Treacle Tart and pumpkin juice  – In favour of Harry Potter
  • An array of fruits and berries – for some reason I relate them to Puck
  • Celaena Sardothian – something meaty, probably a stew.
  • A high tea  – in favour of Tessa, it sounds kind of appropriate to discuss books over tea.
  • Then I would probably go with the traditional for the other two and all of them anyway.




*I do not claim ownership of all of the images in this post such as the characters from book covers. Please see my image credit page for further details.


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