Babbling with Bookcomet (1#)

So…a new sort of meme/post. I have recently devised a blogging schedule and when I saw that the post I had scheduled for today was a review, I kind of thought about it for a bit and came to the conclusion that two review posts a week is enough. Since I handwrite all my reviews before typing them up and posting them (I have a queue for reviews at the moment, so instead of typing them up straight away, I hand write them), I kind of like to have a bit of a break in between handwriting the review and then almost straight away typing the same one up. I find that typing the reviews up can be a bit of a lengthy process and by the time I have finished typing it up I don’t really feel like doing any other posts I might have had planned for the day.

I had been thinking about the sorts of posts I do for a while. Reviews: mostly, blog tours: quite a few (again mainly review stops), memes: sometimes…Counting the Stars EVERY week and that was it really. Sure, I do the odd other meme I participate in, like Musing Mondays, Teaser Tuesdays, Top Ten Tuesdays, Waiting on Wednesday, Trendy Thurday, Friday Finds, Cover Crush and Saver Saturday (the first, second and sixth are hosted by Should Be Reading, the third by The Broke and the Bookish, the fourth by Breaking the Spine, the fifth, eigth and Counting the Stars by myself and the seventh by On the Shelf) but I don’t do these every week. But as you can see, I have a great variety there 🙂

Then I asked myself:  What posts do I enjoy reading? The most obvious thing that came to mind was discussion posts. These can be helpful, entertaining and you feel like you know a bit more about the blogger who writes them. Since I had been meaning to do posts like this for a while, I thought I may as well try it out today instead of the review I had planned. And I’m beginning to think that this may become a weekly thing (hence the lovely number 1# beside the title…).

So here is what my general schedule now looks like:

Monday – Review

Tuesday – Meme (Teaser Tuesday or Top Ten Tuesday…probably) or other

Wednesday – Break. (Use this day to concentrate on my writing)

Thursday – Review and Trendy Thursday if I have time

Friday – Break. (Use this day to concentrate on my writing)

Saturday – Babbling with Bookcomet

Sunday – Counting the Stars

Of course, this can be changed at the drop of a hat or to make slight rearrangments for blog tour posts (that are reviews or “other” posts). Basically, nothing is set in stone…apart from Counting the Stars.

My first week of the schedule and there was a lot of rearranging.

For example (this week):

Monday – Review (The Immortal Rules)

Tuesday – Meme: Top Ten Tuesday (had organised a writing day but felt like blogging)

Wednesday – Blog tour/review ( Jaded Stone)

Thursday – Trendy Thursday (Poison Princess)

Friday – writing/break

Saturday – Review (Eyes Ever to the Sky…which was swapped for this new meme)

Sunday – Counting the Stars (haven’t got here yet but this is a definite)

So really I kept to the schedule I had written except for Tuesday and Wednesday. And of course Saturday changed.

So, back to general schedule (first one), you can see that I have:

  • 2 x reviews perweek
  • 2 x “fun” memes (Tuesday, Thursday)
  • 2 x breaks/writing days (may be used for blogging *cough, Tuesday, cough*
  • 1 x discussion meme
  • 1 x wrap up meme

I am pretty happy with the balance of posts I have going here. This way I don’t run out of reviews – I have 6 in my queue already plus one more when I have read the next two books in the series to do a series review – and there is a lot of variety in my posts.

I know I will definitely keep at my schedule for the rest of November (yeah, I know, one more week) but I plan to pick it up again in January and follow it loosely in December (more on that later).

In theory and if I have time and remember, I’ll make up a meme button and set some rules so you guys can join in if you want!

So, here’s what I am interested in knowing from you guys:

  1. If you blog, do you go by a schedule?
  2. Whether you blog or not, do you have a preference over posts you read? Eg. reviews, discussions…

So guys, what do you think?


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