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Welcome to my stop on the Dawn of the Apocalypse tour hosted by Oops! I Read Again Tours! For my stop I will be posting my review and my two words for part of the Dawn of the Apocalypse scavenger hunt. Missed the other words? No problem! Check out the tour schedule to catch up: http://oopsireadabookagain.blogspot.com/2013/08/blog-tour-invite-dawn-of-apocalypse-by_4.html

Dawn of the Apocalypse by E. S. P.

Dawn of the Apocalypse

Publication date: August 19th 2013

Publisher: Mind Candy Media

Source: For review as part of the tour. My opinion has not been influenced.



January 1, 2000.
May 21, 2011.
December 21, 2012
These are just a few of the days humans prophesied as bringing catastrophic events that would end the world. We predicted nuclear warfare. Drastic climate change. A call from God.
We were wrong. 
Cue the gargoyle invasion—laboratory bred mutants designed to slaughter humans. When the government goes AWOL and gargoyles are swarming by the hundreds, it’s up to the citizens of the United States to regroup and save themselves. 
Meet Cliff Matthews, a teenage boy separated from his entire family with the exception of his younger sister, whom he is desperate to keep alive. Along the quest to save their lives, he encounters people who aren’t all that they seem. Everyday’s a battle, but if he can’t trust his own species, where does that leave his family? 
And we can’t forget the man who may be willing to sacrifice Cliff’s life, if it means world domination.
In terms of doomsday, no one could’ve seen this coming. The dawn of the apocalypse…


What do you get when you cross fantastic characters with a gargoyle invasion? Don’t know? Lost for words? Well, I can help with that…

You get an AMAZING story. No joke.

When I learnt that Dawn of the Apocalypse was about an apocalypse being brought on by gargoyles (of all things) I was kind of COOOOOOL. But then I was like, hang on a minute, how is this gonna work? But…it did. More YA needs to have something unique that we haven’t seen before (and this my friends, is it), particularly in the post apocalyptic/dystopia area. It was actually a relief that gargoyles brought on the apocalypse in this book (well, I never thought I write that). The gargoyles were actually pretty well done, they weren’t just plain old statues but instead very scary things with bad breath.

I think I probably would have read this book anyway, even if it was the most boring book in existence, just for the main character Cliff’s little sister, Angel. She is so, so cute. She just stole the show, Cliff was a pretty fantastic character as well, brave and determined to keep those around him safe from harm. Cliff, Angel and another prominent character, Hunter, balanced each other out very well. There is the extremely cute little sister, the brave main character and the tough girl. Perfect.

Dawn of the Apocalypse has a different set out to most books. Instead of a chapter, we get a time and day, which in all honestly I found to be pretty cool. Once again, a breath of fresh air. There was just the right amount of background information on each of the characters, except perhaps Hunter. This meant that I feel as if I have a fairly good understanding of the characters and who they are.

Dawn of the Apocalypse (now DOTA for short) was very fast paced. Perfect for lovers of the dystopian genre. Except at times it was a little too fast. Sometimes I was left feeling along the lines of “what just happened?”. My biggest issue with this was towards the ending, I got very confused. At one stage I really didn’t know what was going on.

DOTA is without a doubt a great book. People into dystopian and post apocalyptic books should definitely check this out.

Three_stars and a half stars!

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About E. S. P. –

E.S.P.Being the daughter of an accomplished author, E.S.P. grew up listening to stories and telling her own to classmates. After writing for several years and even publishing some short works, she finally decided to take the plunge to write (plus finish!) a full length novel. Thus, Dawn of the Apocalypse was born. When she’s not writing, she’s either reading books, blogging at whoistheserialreader.blogspot.com, or watching eighties movies twitter.com/bloggerESP

Scavenger hunt:

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3 thoughts on “Dawn of the Apocalypse Blog Tour

  1. Book Blather says:

    Honey, you hooked me at “a gargoyle invasion”!!! Wow, what a review. I’m glad you enjoyed this one so much, it’s great to find a read like this which you can really sink your teeth into, isn’t it? Currently deciding what to read next after City of Bones (which I’m a bit disappointed by) and I’ll definitely put this in contention despite the weird ending – that’s just the last few pages right? 😉 Thanks honey!

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