Gold and Thin Space Reviews, Tackle Your TBR Readathon Update

Gold by Talia Vance

Gold (Bandia, #2)

Publication date: September 8th 2013

Publisher: Flux

Number of pages: 408

Series: Bandia (2#)

Source: From the publisher for an honest review via Netgalley


Goodreads synopsis:

Descended from an Irish demigod, Brianna has fled to Ireland to escape destruction at the hands of her sworn enemies, the Sons of Killian. Taking refuge at the estate of her former nemesis, Austin Montgomery, Brianna discovers a rift in time that opens to an era before the feud began.

Wrestling with her newfound feelings for the more innocent Austin, Brianna begins to wonder if she can alter the past. But when Brianna and Austin learn that the Sons are raising an army of mythical beasts, the pair will need to use their magical strength in the present to avoid a tragic end.



For some strange reason, I took a break and read another book while reading this. Why, you ask? Here is the honest truth: I have absolutely no idea. But I am so, so glad I came back to it because seriously, the second half of this book was especially fantastic.

I began this back to back after reading the first book Silver. There was no slow start or introductions, it was straight into the action. I became seriously wrapped up in the book and after picking the book up, I was like “there is no way I can read this book before tomorrow” (I had an event beginning the next day and wanted to start with a new book). To my great surprise I found that I was breezing through the book. Can you guess? I finished this book WITH time to spare. That’s how easy to read and engrossing it was,

One of the things I liked most about Gold was there was more Austin. I never really liked Blake much (in fact I had trouble remembering his name – you have no idea how many times I tried to call him Owen. But that’s another story).

People who have been my followers for a while know I have trouble going through a review without commenting on the cover. But seriously, whoever designs the covers for these books must be commended. They are some of the prettiest covers ever! I love the colours for this one – it really suits the book and the title. As did Silver’s colours. This only begs the question of what will the final book look like? I have high expectations and not only cover-wise.

I am really liking this series. It’s fun and definitely a series I wish to continue. I would really recommend it!


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Thin Space by Jody Casella

Thin Space

Publication date: September 10th 2013 (today!)

Publisher: Beyond Words/Simon Pulse

Number of pages: 256

Series: N/A

Source: From the publisher in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley


 Goodreads synopsis:

Ever since the car accident that killed his twin brother, Marshall Windsor has been consumed with guilt and crippled by secrets of that fateful night. He has only one chance to make amends, to right his wrongs and set things right. He must find a Thin Space—a mythical point where the barrier between this world and the next is thin enough for a person to step through to the other side.

But, when a new girl moves into the house next door, the same house Marsh is sure holds a thin space, she may be the key—or the unraveling of all his secrets.

As they get closer to finding a thin space—and closer to each other—Marsh must decide once and for all how far he’s willing to go to right the wrongs of the living…and the dead.



Thin Space had been popping up in loads of places and I was so excited to get the chance to read it. Usually I am one to listen to the hype but for some reason it took me a while to get to this one.

This is a hard review to write, so I am going to make a pros and cons list:


– A really quick read. I finished this in a day!
– A twist I did not see coming. I still don’t think I have quite gotten over it.
– I learned something. I was a little unsure of what a thin space was for quite a while when I was reading Thin Space.
– I really liked Maddie, she was such a good character for this story.


– It took me a while to get into the story.
– I didn’t really understand why Marsh made some of the decisions he did.
– I thought a couple of things weren’t explained very well. Like who a couple of characters were and their relationship with Marsh.

As I mentioned before, I was out of the story for a while. Then there was a turning point when the twist came and I just couldn’t stop reading. So MUCH changed and I can’t rave about that twist enough. It was perfect. I never saw it coming.

I would recommend this to people who like fast books and something different. If you are a fan of the two, definitely give this a go.

Three_stars and a 1/2 stars out of 5!

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 Goodreads author bio:

Jody CasellaI write stories and books for young adults. Check out my stories in Cicada magazine. Look for my first novel, THIN SPACE (Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster) Sept. 10, 2013. I also review books for Cover to Cover Bookstore in Columbus Ohio, and parent two teens, and sporadically clean my house in a frenzy.
PS: my rating average is high because I only take the time to review books I like.



Now here is where it is a little confusing. I have read one book and read a third of another and read about 7% of another. The book I have finished is Thin Space, the book I have read a third of is a bind up of three novels and I finished one story and the 7% book I have decided not to read.


Total books read – 1

Total pages read – 489

Just finished – Behind Barres (the first book: Girl in Motion)

Currently reading – Hidden Wings (Hidden Wings, #1)

Up next – Behind Barres



3 thoughts on “Gold and Thin Space Reviews, Tackle Your TBR Readathon Update

  1. Book Blather says:

    Re Gold, sometimes you have to do that, go away from a book and then come back to it later. I’m impressed that you read it so fast, it must be good! I’m the same: if I really like it somehow the pages fly, and if not my reading speed… decreases. (That’s why I sometimes have to resort to audiobooks which of course are read at a consistent pace!)

    RE This Space, I might give this a miss. Books which leave me with questions that should have been answered in the book tend to annoy me, a lot! Glad you found some pros though. 🙂

    Awesome reviews!

    • livvvy75 says:

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed them! That’s so true, sometimes you just have to come back to a book to really enjoy it. Can you recommend any audiobooks please? Preferably YA 🙂

      • Book Blather says:

        Oh, that’s easy! My favourites this year have been The 5th Wave, The Sea of Tranquility and Bitterblue (book 3 in the Graceling trilogy) – any of those should be great! 🙂

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