Friday Finds (3#) and Autumn by Sierra Dean

Friday Finds


Friday Finds is a meme hosted over at Should Be Reading which showcases the books you have come across during the week and have added to your TBR.

This week I came across…

Eat, Brains, Love by Jeff Hart

Eat, Brains, Love

Goodreads synopsis:

Two teenage zombies search for brains, love, and answers in this surprisingly romantic and laugh-out-loud funny debut novel with guts.

Jake Stephens was always an average, fly-under-the-radar guy. The kind of guy who would never catch the attention of an insanely popular girl like Amanda Blake-or a psychic teenage government agent like Cass. But one day during lunch, Jake’s whole life changed. He and Amanda suddenly locked eyes across the cafeteria, and at the exact same instant, they turned into zombies and devoured half their senior class.

Now Jake definitely has Amanda’s attention-as well as Cass’s, since she’s been sent on a top-secret mission to hunt them down. As Jake and Amanda deal with the existential guilt of eating their best friends, Cass struggles with a growing psychic dilemma of her own-one that will lead the three of them on an epic journey across the country and make them question what it means to truly be alive. Or undead.

Eat, Brains, Love is a heartwarming and bloody blend of romance, deadpan humor, and suspense that fans of Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies will devour. With its irresistibly dry and authentic teen voice, as well as a zombie apocalypse worthy of AMC’s The Walking Dead, this irreverent paperback original will leave readers dying for the sequel that’s coming in Summer 2014.

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I will be reading this very soon.

What did you find this week? Tell me or leave a link in the comments!




Autumn by Sierra Dean

Autumn (Dog Days #1)

Publication date: June 12th 2013

Publisher: Createspace

Number of pages: 262

Series: Dog Days (1#)

Source: Received in exchange for an honest review.


Goodreads synopsis:

Cooper Reynolds’s life is going to the dogs… literally. As if being a high school senior in a small Texas town wasn’t hard enough, Cooper has bigger things to worry about than who he’ll take to prom and whether or not the Poisonfoot Padres will win homecoming. He has less than a year before his eighteenth birthday, when a curse placed on his family will doom him to live in coyote form forever. The last thing he needs to complicate his already messed-up life is a girl, but fate has other plans in mind for him when it brings Eloise “Lou” Whittaker to Poisonfoot. She’s grouchy, sarcastic and has no love for her new Texas home, but she might be exactly the right person to help Cooper break the curse. The clock is ticking, and Cooper will have to decide if he’s willing to let Lou in on his dirty little secret before it’s too late.



Autumn is a sweet story for fans of the Beautiful Creatures series (by Kami Garcia and Maragaret Stohl) who want a really good book to dive in to.

It would be wrong of me not to compliment Sierra Dean on the best deliverence of what I call the “I am/know someone who is secretly a supernatural being” speech. The main character Eloise (Lou) had the best reaction ever. It was how a NORMAL person would respond. She didn’t immediately accept this or run off screaming her head off. It was seriously the best deliverence of the speech I have ever seen. No joke.

As I mentioned before, Autumn is a seriously sweet story. Lou and Cooper are not supposed to be together, not even as friends. Cooper is an outcast, shunned by the other teens his age at the Poisonfoot (yep, that’s the name of the town). So Lou is surprised to find that everybody warns her about him, even her grandmother tells her to steer clear. I think I liked Lou and Cooper equally as characters, they fit the story of Autumn to a T.

Once again (being me) I didn’t read the synopsis before reading Autumn (my defense is that my opinion is completely uninfluenced since I don’t know what is supposed to happen. And I do read the synopsis when I first get an arc), you could say I was surprised to find out what it was about. Coyotes? I’m in. I didn’t really pick up from the cover that it wasn’t just a contemporary.

I would recommend Autumn to teens who like nice stories with a bit of a twist. I am looking forward to the sequel.


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Goodreads author bio:

Sierra DeanSierra Dean is a reformed historian. She was born and raised in the Canadian prairies and is allowed annual exit visas in order to continue her quest of steadily conquering the world one city at a time. Making the best of the cold Canadian winters, Sierra indulges in her less global interests: drinking too much tea and writing urban fantasy.

Ever since she was a young girl she has loved the idea of the supernatural coexisting with the mundane. As an adult, however, the idea evolved from the notion of fairies in flower beds, to imagining that the rugged-looking guy at the garage might secretly be a werewolf. She has used her overactive imagination to create her own version of the world, where vampire, werewolves, fairies, gods and monsters all walk among us, and she’ll continue to travel as much as possible until she finds it for real.

She’s also a book lover (of course!), obsessive collector of OPI nailpolish and the owner of way too many pairs of shoes.



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