Bookcomet is a place for me to post my reviews of books. The reviews will be on both published novels and ARCs. There will also be posts on things such as books that are going to be released and top books of the year etc.

I have read 46 books towards my goal of 100 this year. Very happy with my progress, considering my initial goal for this year was to read 50 books. I would have nearly finshed by now! Mind you, 100 is quite a big stretch from 50, so let’s just hope I can keep this up. I am reading about an average of 10 books a month and that would equal 120 at the end of the year. I want to read about 100 though so I can beat my goal next year without having to rush through books.

I think that it is necessary to mention that The Host was a great movie, in fact I have seen it twice already!. I will have to reread the book because I don’t really remember what happened so I can not really compare it. Has anybody else read the book and seen the movie? If so, which was better?

Feel free to comment with an answer to this question: Do you have any reading challenges for me this year or next?


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